Quit Smoking Weed by Setting Goals

We all have goals, things we want to achieve in life, at least we used too. They typically did not involve smoking weed several times per day, getting the munchies, always feeling tired, being paranoid, living with the curtains shut, vegging on the couch, or constantly feeling numb. Some may think that dreaming of winning the lottery is a goal, but it isn’t. You are going to have to ask yourself some hard questions and do your best to answer them.

You can quit smoking weed by setting goals and the way you do that is to first define what some of your goals are, short and long-term ones. You may feel that this is putting the cart before the horse but this is critical to quitting weed or any other addiction for that matter. When we have a prize to put before us we fuel that drive and determination to achieve and succeed.

You have something great to offer and you have potential; there is a new life waiting for you. As your desire to quit smoking weed grows you are going to start to think about the things you want out of life such as; kids, marriage, career, college degree, staying out of jail, more money, better health, white eyes, less paranoia, etc. Start writing down your goals, every one of them.

Quit smoking weed by setting goals, writing them down and thinking about the new life you will have when you quit.