Motivation to Quit Smoking Weed

Motivation Comes and Goes

Motivation is your reason to do something. It is what drives you to take that next step and act. What are the things that motivate you to quit weed? Are you getting in trouble with the law, do you want a better life, need more money, or do you want to get a better job? What is it that is motivating you to quit?

The motivation to quit smoking weed will come and go. You will soon forget about the misery you have been in for the past several months or years and think of the “good old times”. This is your brain trying to trick you into giving in. Hold out and you will make it through the craving. Remember the reasons you quit in the first place and pursue them. Make list of why you want to quit smoking weed and keep it close by to refer to as needed. Journal situations and places that bring out strong cravings and try to avoid places, people, and things those cause you to crave.

After quitting weed you will still be tempted; you will be tempted by others and yourself. There will be certain situations that make you want to smoke weed because of how it used to make you feel. For example; before going out on the town it used to be fun to smoke a little weed, now you will have to have fun without it and remember that it really didn’t make things that much more fun but your mind will play games with you. Also you are going to have old friends try to talk you into having “just one hit” but they want you to do it because they don’t want to smoke alone. Stay strong and be ready!

Without taking any form of action your motivation to quit weed won’t make it very far. You have to take action and the stronger your desire for the things you want to achieve the better. How are you going to quit? Who are you going to ask for help? What things are you going to do differently?

You can’t continue living the life as you are and expect different results.